UHE launches mentoring tool

The UHE mentoring committee has developed a new and improved approach to mentoring. Based on experience and feedback from mentors and mentees, a more streamlined and effective method to connect UHE members has been created. Jordan Ballam and Joe Vance have been instrumental in designing a tool that is more flexible, sustainable and adaptable for the needs of all participants.

The way it works is simple. A tab has been created on www.utahache.org entitled Mentorship. On this site mentees can search for mentors that match their professional interests and request a mentoring meeting with one of the mentors listed on the site. The mentee requesting a meeting is required to provide their ACHE membership number. Requests for mentoring meetings will be forwarded to the email address provided by the mentor. Many mentors intend to use the email of their assistant in that field to help manage their calendars. Mentors are requested to accept at least one mentoring meeting per quarter. Choosing to accept more than one mentoring meeting per quarter is at the discretion of the mentor. It is not expected that the mentor and the mentee meet more than once but can do so at their discretion.

Beginning immediately, mentors can participate in the UHE mentoring program by completing the following form here. A profile will then be created for the mentor including an email address where they prefer to have mentoring requests directed. We request that mentors upload their profiles by October 15, 2019 and that mentees wait until after October 15th before requesting a meeting with a mentor.

The success of this program depends on member participation. The committee believes this tool can be more precise in connecting better matched mentoring pairs that lead to an impactful experience while keeping the time demands manageable.

Please consider being a mentor and give back to your profession as well as help build great healthcare leaders.